After travelling

I was in Cuba with my mom last week. It was really different, completely opposite to Finland. Night and day - literally. Day in Finland, is night in Cuba. But also figuratively; cold, snowy & dry vs hot, sunny & humid. I liked the change, but my atopic skin didn't. Sun usually does it good, but I guess it went into shock. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the trip - seeing Havana, swimming with dolphins (oh yes!), eating the hotel breakfast, reading by the pool, and just being in a completely different environment. When travelling, there's so much happening around me, that how nutritious my food is, doesn't seem to affect me too much.

But then I got home. Having a severe jetlag with an irritated skin while pressuring myself to get started with packing up, looking through pictures, working, answering texts, planning for school, writing in this blog etc, is the complete opposite of feeling like you're in the moment. I realized that nothing was very important to finish at that moment, but my body was anxious so my mind was too.

Going ice swimming

Sometimes, doing what I feel like the least, does the trick. Since my sleep-manipulation didn't work as well as I wanted it to, I decided today to go on a walk, and then ice swimming. I went to the beautiful lake Kuusijärvi, where they offer saunas and hot showers right by. The water felt colder than usually, but it was amazingly refreshing. It really was the most clear-headed moment I've had after coming back home.


So my recipe for today is recommended to be preceded with waking up in the morning and followed by taking a walk someplace nice, and going ice swimming. Here's a recipe for the best breakfast.

  1. Blend 0,75 dl of oats with 2 dl water and some salt in a bowl.
  2. Heat it in the microwave, until you see it start to boil close to the edges.
  3. Take it out and let it sit for a few minutes.
  4. Enjoy your porridge!

- Add some raisins or other dried fruit before microwave
- After microwave, mix in some cocoa powder, diced banana or other fruit
- Top with granola, nuts, seeds, some sort of butter, berries or cinnamon


  1. Oh, dolphins! 😍 glad you had the best time! And I already love this blog btw, you're doing well with the science and still having some personality to it :)


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