gut, emotion and cognition

Just another paper confirming the direct the relationship between gut and brainGut feelings: the emerging biology of gut-brain communication published in 2011 at Nature Reviews Neuroscience, by the author Emeran A. Mayer. That's where the following is cited from.

"The close relationship between gut signalling systems, basic feeling states and meta-representations of these feeling states in basic emotions and behaviours is not limited to nutrient-related signals. Gut-based signalling systems that are related to an insult of gut homeostasis (by chemicals, toxins and inflammation) can easily fit into this general model."

Further, what I want to write about, is how central our emotions actually are when we think, we think completely logically. It seems, that mainstream psychology research already agree on the fact that emotions do affect cognition to a high degree. It's not either or, as thought at some point, it's perhaps even the opposite. No thinking without feeling. 

Just look, how emotions affect our logical reasoning (1) (2)decision-making, language and cognition in all sorts of ways

And the implications... They seem to be infinite. And that's why I don't really know how to write about it in the best way. I think what's especially interesting, is different from person to person. For me, I've noticed the effect of different emotional states on the scale from being really subtle, to completely fundamental. An example of a fundamental difference would be when I was writing my bachelor thesis. I was reasoning with the subject of zero waste processes, and basically why environmentalism is important for humankind - going down to why humankind should continue to exist. While delving into it, I was going through some difficult times. The shit had festered into my brain in the form of emotions that I couldn't deal with, without professional help. Naturally, when trying to answer the reason for the research, I just couldn't. I admit that I already was lost, but this sank me even deeper into the whole. And no external rational explanation could show me the way out.

Being an extreme example, and not maybe a perfect fit for this subject, it works with my point. Which is, that it was a question that I could have answered a year before, and today as well. And the example, being an emotional state or something else, it doesn't have to be as strong to manifest itself into my and your daily thoughts and actions. "Just" staying aware will really make that noticeable.

If you're interested in the subject, I'd recommend to read more about it. And if you want to give yourself the best prerequisites for living for to your goals and wishes, I think a great first step would be to try out this anti-inflammatory nutrient-dense recipe while pondering about how you really want when going forward with your life. 


So, for some lighter matters; below are the ingredients you need for the recipe, which is from Food Pharmacy's book "Kokboken"

  • 150 grams of kale
  • oilsalt & pepper
  • 2 dl quinoa
  • 200g cocktail tomatoes
  • 2 cloves of garlic 
  • 1 red onion
  • 1-2 avocados
  • 1 can (400g) chickpeas (i used white and edamame beans)
  • the juice from half a lemon
1. Kale spa
- rinse the kale and dry it with a towel
- in a big bowl, rip it to smaller pieces and add oil (e.g. olive) and salt
- massage the kale for two minutes
- the kale's done when you notice that it starts to relax ("the tension releases")

2. Moisten quinoa
- cook the quinoa according to instructions
- when done, let it cool down

3. Heat garlic&tomatoes
- heat a pan with some oil
- cut the the garlic and tomatoes
- fry them for just a couple of seconds in the oil

4. Finish
- peel and cut onion and cut the avocado flesh (save the seed for e.g. a smoothie)
- add garlic & tomatoes over the kale
- add the onion, avocado, chickpeas & quinoa and mix it all a bit
- squeeze the lemon on top and add salt & pepper according to taste


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