Finding (and taking note of) the problem

I just had a realization!

So yesterday, my energylevels were really low already by 1 in the afternoon. I thought a walk home would help. It didn't. I thought de-stressing would help, it didn't. I tried watching an interesting video would help, but you guessed it - it didn't. Nothing I did, felt interesting. And this was pretty much the rest of my day. Didn't get much meaningful stuff done.

And the feeling didn't leave me this morning. So, when having our morning coffee, I asked my boyfriend what inspires him. He said - solving problems.

And that's when it hit me. I haven't been solving actual problems. I've been doing tasks, just because they have to be done. But that's not interesting. That doesn't feel meaningful. It's not inspiring, or motivating. I study business. The main reason for the existence of business is to solve problems. Everything I study in school is related to solving problems. But the last days, I've had my to-do-list, with "read that article", "answer that question", "map out relevant theories". And that's not exciting, to have as a base for what you're doing, hours on end. It's exhausting. And sleep doesn't fuel that energy.

Problems engage. They want to be solved. Solving them feels exhilarating. Crossing over a chore in my to-do-list, not as much. But finding the problem is not always so easy. But the whole purpose of knowledge is to solve problems in a better and better way, right? Yes, we want to learn also because learning is exciting, but in the long run, there must be a deeper reason for what we learn. We want to be able to use that knowledge for solving problems.

Even though I can't say that the problem is really clear for everything we learn, I know it can always be found. And especially when the learning starts to feel unimportant, boring or stupid in any way, finding our the problem, that needs to be solved (or if there is non, that could be solved with this knowledge :D), can be the way to bring the motivation back.

Aand for the recipe. Since eating nutritional food is the least motivating thing to do in a state like this, making sure to just have it at home, is the key. One thing to do, is to buy dry beans and e.g. once a week prepare them and store in the fridge to use during the week. So if you have Mung Beans:

  1. Soak overnight with at least twice the water
  2. Next morning, wash Mung Beans and boil in fresh water for about 15 minutes or when they look good. Or look for a more precise recipe, since they might just become mush like mines in the picture. But for me it's okay - they serve the purpose. (They solve the problem of not having food at home when hungry.)