When not wanting to be sluggish

Unstructured blob. Sloppyness. Pizza. Sleep. Tiredness. Deadlines. People. Laughter. Confusion. Weird dreams. Randomness. Sugar highs.

That's how and what I've been feeling (like) lately.

And I know you probably don't care. But you might feel the same once in a while. I just want to share what does the trick when I want more structure in my life. Which is what I need now. And the answer is, a clearer structure!

I ask myself what the most important thing right now is. And for me, that is to be able to be completely focused during the days, to work without sugar crashes and a gassy stomach.

My key steps to re-synchronize

  1. Sleep is usually where I start when "recalibrating" my days. So I look at the week ahead, and decide when I need to wake up. Which I want to be at the same time every day. 
  2. Movement, regularly. I know how much is best for me, I just don't always do it unless I plan it. But damn those endorphins. And the feeling of being so alive from head to toe. So which days at which time will I at least produce this magic?
  3. Food. How much will I be at home to actually eat? What do I want to make and/or eat for the week? What do I need to buy for that? Let's get it home!
  4. Now - what do I want to get done? Then I look at the empty space in my calendar, and go for a preliminary "schedule". Do the most important first, etc.

Bonus: how do I balance the "to-do"s? Going wall climbing with a friend? Ice-swimming? Having a completely free Wednesday afternoon and evening to bake some brownies and watch a movie?  It sounds corny, but it's so easy to forget to chill when I feel like I'm "on fire". And that is when I would need to stop once in a while and meet some friends or just do something to activate my brain in a different way.

And that's it. For a start. Already doing one change might be enough - it's like the snowball effect.


Maybe doing the following could be it. Who knows.
  1. Sit with someone at the kitchen table.
  2. Peel and chop a bunch of garlics into a jar.
  3. Mix with some oil.
  4. Put in the fridge
This is a nice thing to have especially when everybody's getting a cold. + it tastes good. Dip some bread into it, or use as a topping for a soup.