Life is dynamic. Things change. Experiences come and go. What we think to be an I, goes through an endless amount of iteration processes.

What was important to us a year ago, might not be important today. Priorities, values, our bodies, actions, friendships; everything changes to a certain extent. But one thing never changes, and that's that as long as we live, we will always have ourselves. Our circumstances won't always be what we want them to be, but we will always have the now, whatever we can remember from the past and whatever we can do to create future nows that we now feel is desirable, probable and important.

The thing is, that only leaning on our minds and our "free will" is not according to me the perfect solution. What we think and feel changes according to how we sleep, what we eat, who we meet, where we are. We are not perfectly objective, and can only strive to see "the bigger picture", but we will never be able to do it 100%. And I think that's the beauty of human life. New situations lead to new understandings. But still, we can take note of some things that continue to be important, and worthy to put effort into. The things that become a center for that undefinable point in time.

What creates my center is people, systems and space. Relating to the people around me is what gives my life meaning. But I can't do that without an understanding of who I am and what I stand for. And thats a balancing act that I find to be so intriguing.

Systems for me is things that I do, no matter what I feel like. In some moments I'm completely aligned with the systems I've built in my mind, but once in a while, something happens, and some constellations fall apart. And then I need to figure out what really matters, and what doesn't.

The third one - space is the thing that i try to optimise with the rest. That's all about how life should feel. This is where time actually goes to, where the undefinable I is, where everything else is. It's in the creation and the destruction, the nothingness, the meaninglessness with everything and the meaning that's created with human life. Space is a nice word to represent the I don't f*cking know what this is all about. But it's okay, because it still is. No matter what I think or feel or even live. And that's what's so cool about it.

Aaand going back to systems, one important system is to keep ourselves fuelled, so we can continue to be, for a while longer. And one sort of fuel I always come back to is pea soup. The ones that know me are probably surprised that I just now present a recipe of pea soup, since it is if not my favourite food, one of my favourites. On thursday I cooked a shitton of it so I could put some in the freezer to have for later. So if you want to make the "normal" amount, and you don't have a giant skillet at home - half the amounts in this recipe.
  • rinse 1kg of dried peas and soak them overnight in a superbig skillet with 2,5l of water
  • the following morning, put the skillet over heat and add 2,5l of water
  • let it boil for 1h, and if foam arises, peel it away
  • chop 2 onions, and something like 1kg of roots
    • traditional roots, which are in (Finnish) season now would be parsnip, celeriac, rutabaga and carrot
    • but go for whatever you have; salsify, sweet potato, or why not beetroot?
  • add chopped onions, roots and 4tsp of salt and boil for another hour or so
  • it might take longer, but it's ready when it's mushy and look something like in the picture
  • add spices; black pepper and marjoram or just anything you have - curry & cumin work well

Eat it with mustard and some rye bread if you want to have it the traditional way. Put some in the freezer or why not give some to your friends?