food in 15 minutes

So by now, you of course always have a batch of cooked beans at home. Which is a good base for any food no matter how much time you have available. For me, while it feels like the last weeks have had more deadlines than my entire last year and the uninspiring food in spring hasn't exactly supported my caring of what i eat lately, I had just prepared a lot of chickpeas to be able to make whatever shit that would feel easy to make. But then I got an idea, I wanted to do something just a bit special. I had a carrot and a spiralizer, so they got together. I chopped an onion and some garlic. I cooked some rice in salt and lots of water, fried some cinnamon and chili powder with oil in the pan, added the veggies and let them fry for a few minutes. Added some chickpeas and tomato sauce and let it just rest in low heat for a while. Removed the liquid from the rice, added some curry and cumin seeds, and voilÀ. A bad quality picture but the food was good.

When thinking about health, I think it's good to have eating healthy food a guideline, for the benefits it has on so many parts of our lives. And making healthy food easy is something I try to work on here, allowing it to be something for most situations. But I'm not quite there yet.

Especially the last weeks have been tough. And finding time and energy for deciding on what to cook and what to write about were not an option. Which is sad, because for me, it's something I like to do. I've had this sense of emptiness, when having to finish one school/work-thing after another. It's been so urgent, that I haven't had time & energy to think about and live the rest of my life. Which is a unique setting for me per se (because I usually seem to have too much resources to think about my life and even some spare to live it), but not very sustainable.

We had a night out last Friday (partly school-related), and after having been in a new setting with, in that sense, new people, something/some things happened which made me see that there are things that have been "fighting" in the back of my mind, which I haven't listened to. And that is bad, because those are the things that start to take over my health, and while they might be small at first, they will grow as they start to effect one thing after another.

So, my intention wasn't to be dramatic, but more to say that me, and probably everyone of us need to be frank with ourselves once in a while. Since while I can't really speak for anyone else, I do think this applies to everyone. I try to always be honest with myself, but I notice that I'm not always. And if I won't regularly face myself, e.g. in writing, or talking with loves ones, which might not even always be possible, it will happen when faced with new sort of situations, in moments where you kinda wish you had done the work already.


  1. Love your creativity! Sometimes it's just best to get into the kitchen and just try something new - it's exciting when you get it right :) Interesting thoughts as well. I agree with you that it's important to find a way to discuss with yourself, whether it's through writing or meditation or whatever. Makes it easier to listen to yourself and your own body, and then it's easier to know what's really going on. When those things are neglected we start lying, since we don't reflect on how we're really feeling. Self-care is for sure important!

    1. You're so right! True self-care is really that. Facing yourself no matter how you feel at that moment, trying to honestly listen and understand, and creating both short- and long-term solutions to make whatever needs to be done better...


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