baked potatoes and exercise

Baked potatoes are one of those things you just need to have once in a while. So luxurious but so simple to make. You just need to wait while they boil and bake, but you can do other stuff during that time, so it should be just fine. I don't do it the traditional way, but Risto taught me this "style" and the result is just the best.
  1. boil some potatoes of similar size until they're a bit undercooked 
  2. put them in the oven in 250 degrees C
  3. take them out when the potato peel is a bit dark and wrinkly
  4. enjoy!
They're just extremely tasty, and almost crunchy on the outside but rich and chewy on the inside.

I had mine with celery, beans, sauerkraut and pickled beetroot. And for dessert with vegan butter (and no, it's not that gut-healthy but it's just so damn good.

Talking about gut health, one interesting point is that there are indications to the potential of how exercise alone could actually improve gut health. And I think that this is always important when considering health and well-being generally. How to take easy steps towards a more physically active life if school and work is more sedentary? I don't know, but this is what I do.

  • One thing I'm so happy about, is that spring is definitively here, and it's not just possible, but actually pleasant to bicycle again. It's works like a cup of coffee in the morning. And it's a great and effortless habit to not just get some movement into the body, but see new places of the area you live in.
  • I started doing judo with a friend after a break from martial arts, and it has made my Thursday nights and Saturdays feel like a break from life. A good break, covered with in a funny GI, spending time including sweat, confusion and laughter (not kidding, judo is weird (but supercool)).
  • Doing really tough exercise in judo make me feel more alert on a day-to-day basis, and I get these impulses during the day to stand up, dance, stretch, jump and do other random movement. If I'm not home but e.g. in the library, dancing is probably not the first thing to do during breaks, so unless working on a pressing deadline, or other restrictions, I like to after lunch walk to another library, just to get some fresh air, movement and space to rearrange thoughts.


  1. I think they talked about the connection between gut health and exercise shortly in Happy Food as well! And it's good for the mind as well, makes studying so much easier. Great examples giiirl!

    1. Thanks for sharing, and cool that you've also read it! I've been meaning to read it again since there was so much interesting information in a relatively short book. And that's so true indeed, working out is like a drug without the negative aspects - it makes you feel better, different, and it's something you can do with your friends or alone, and there are lots of alternatives to try:)


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