What drives you to reach your goals?

I just finished listening to an audiobook about the four tendencies by Gretchen Rubin. She explains how she sees, every person belonging to a certain tendency, and that this tendency affects how one responds to e.g. other people's requests or the goals that one sets for themselves. The four tendencies she talks about are Upholder, Questioner, Obliger and Rebel.

Shortly presented Upholders are driven to do the things they set their minds to, they are motivated to stick to routines, and by completing tasks, or in other works, their inner expectations. When Questioners want to do something, they first need to establish the why. Whats the reason for doing this, why should I do this? When Obligers do something, they need external accountability - something or someone that expects them to do it. And finally, Rebels, they just don't want to do what they "should" do, rather what they feel like, now. Of course there's a lot more to the four tendencies, but there is a sort of introduction. If you think this seems really interesting, I'd urge you to take a test here.

I tend to dislike trying to put people in some sort of box - thinking that I would know someone just based on a few characteristics, since it's too easy to become simple-minded. But, when listening to the book I understand that the focus is more on the quality of the personal drivers, not the actual persons, and there are actually some clear benefits. Building on this model can be beneficial when it comes to managing people at work, helping out a friend, or reaching your own goals by recognizing which category you would identify with the most. In my opinion, it doesn't restrict you, it allows you to build on the things that drive you or somebody else to action.

When discussing eating gut-healthy, (assuming there is the will,) what makes you actually not eat that snickers bar, make a home-cooked meal instead of buying that ready-made sandwich from the grocery store, remember to pack apples in your bag in the mornings, or whatever you'd need to do? The things that go through your mind differs. I can't speak for other people, but when talking to a few friends about the book, the differences between us somehow relate a lot to a specific group. And when thinking about healthy eating, what drives you would be different - person A might first and foremost need to have made a pact with someone else while person B first and foremost with themselves. For me, in order to avoid that mudcake, I would need to remind myself of the why, unless I would have truly internalised the routine of not usually eat crappy food. And for a rebel, nobody else than they can decide on the means, here I think creativity will come handy.

At the moment, I haven't really been able to make health a priority. I have found fun ways to get my body moving, but I have really been eating anything that has been the most convenient at that moment (=fast & innutritious). And then I remember me as 17, being really excited about eating healthy, working out, getting inspired about maximising my health. Incorporating the thoughts for the book, I asked myself, why did I use to like it? Why does it feel so difficult now? And then it came to me - it was fun! I really enjoyed it and I regularly consumed various channels that enforced it being fun. I used weheartit, pinterest, I trained BJJ in a great gym with fun people, and working out made me feel even more inspired and energetic to focus on eating well, and once in a while I splurged in fancy-hippie-superfood-products. There where many small things that built on each other, reinforcing the will to continue on that path. For the most part it didn't feel boring, tough or unnecessary, although there where those times as well. In addition to really improving the quality of my life, bringing an extra element of fun and excitement - I also experienced the joy of development. I got better at my sport, I had more energy to concentrate during classes, felt better and life felt better.

So what excites me now? Mostly, knowing that I'm living according my values, I'm honest to myself and others, I'm learning, that I'm improving. Emotionally and cognitively. And I know now after a period of (what has felt like) fighting through my studies and work, mostly neglecting the perks of real food to just make sure I'm being physically active even once in awhile l, that crappy food does give an element of crappiness into the rest of the puzzle. And eating healthy doesn't need to be horrible. It can be fun. The first thing was to not buy any sugary shit into my home. A piece of chocolate here or a muffin there event doesn't hurt when looking at an entire week, but the they start showing up on a daily basis, I think something needs to be done. That was the case for me. So how to make it fun without filling your body with crap? Make it fun, and have some homemade brunch! Focussing on quality instead of quantity is a really nice way to treat you mind and body. Chilling with a lovely friend, drinking some really good coffee, and eating foods that make you happy. My friend made a lovely coconut chia pudding, with kiwi and banana, and I made a carrot raw-cake. As you see on the picture, there was mostly nutritious food. And having this, without hurry, felt really nice. It was needed to have a slot of calm before continuing with everything else.

If you feel like you need some quality time with a friend, or just otherwise want to have something special, but nutritious, below is the recipe for the Carrot-rawcake. Recipe taken (and slightly altered) from here.

  1. soak 4dl of cashews in water overnight or at least 2 hours before you start
  2. for the base: 
    1. grate 400g of carrots
    2. mix 200g of nuts (almond/pecan/walnut/whatever) in a blender until their more crumbly
    3. add grated carrots, 150g raisins, 1dl grated coconut, some cinnamon and salt and a bit of agave/honey
    4. when doughy, press onto a baking tin
  3. for the cream:
    1. melt 1 tbsp coconut oil
    2. mix the soaked cashews, coconut oil 1-2dl of water together with some agave/honey, vanilla essence and lemon/apple cider vinegar
    3. when creamy, add on top of the base
    4. decorate with nuts and basil leaves