a three course meal

Lately, my homemade dinners have been quite similar. Quick and easy to make, combining lentils or beans with some grains or roots and vegetables. Preparing them on the pan until they're some sort of random mush. Sometimes they're good, sometimes not. Usually a variety of spices augment the taste a bit. But it gets old. And I never remember which combinations were good...

So last week-end, I prepared wanted to make something a bit more special, and actually put some time and effort into the planning stage. Decided on preparing an asparagus-fennel salad, beanpasta with mushrooms and eggplant and for dessert 3 ingredient brownies. The result? 5/5 golden stars!

prepare the brownies the night before.

3 ingredient brownies

  1. preheat the oven to 175 degrees C
  2. In a small baking dish, combine 3 dl of applesauce, 1,5 dl (salted) peanut butter and a bit over 1 dl of cocoa powder and mix well with a fork
  3. cook in the oven for 35-45 minutes and decorate with what you find in your kitchen drawers
  4. let sit in fridge overnight and cut into pieces

Asparagus-fennel salad

  1. cut the dry ends of a bundle of asparagus, and with a peeler, slice them into strips
  2. cut the hard end of a fennel and slice them with a mandolin or regular knife into slices or just regular pieces
  3. slice a few spring onions or a small red onion
  4. rip a handful of dill and combine everything into a quite big bowl

The salad dressing

  1. grate the peel of one lemon and squeeze the juice and combine with 1/4dl of olive oil, some sugar/honey/agave, salt and pepper in a smaller bowl
  2. whisk together and combine with the big bowl of salad

Mushroom-eggplant beanpasta

For this, I used a pasta made of black beans I had got from my mom (once again:). If you only have regular pasta just use that! And add some black beans if you want.
  1. boil some beanpasta in salted water and when done, remove the water
  2. in an oiled pan, cut and cook the kind and amount of onions you want, an eggplant, (250g of) mushrooms, 3 cloves of garlic, cherry tomatoes and salt and combine with the cooked pasta. 
  3. if you want, I'd recommend to try the "cheese" sauce I unfortunately made without measurements: in the now empty pan, pour a can of coconut milk and mix with spices (eg. thyme, curry, pepper, turmeric, chili and paprika), mustard, tomato puree, a fair amount of nutritional yeast and some psyllium. Blend for a while, and when it's thick enough you know it's ready!

To comment on the salad, I actually never thought raw asparagus and fennel could taste so good. The dill suited really well, and when slicing them thin enough and combining with the lemon... Aaah! And now even the fridge smells good, with the salad bowl inside :D It's funny how vegetables can taste so luxurious with a tiny bit of extra effort. This is certainly something worth to put more attention to...