Priorities and recovery

It's just temporary... No worries, just temporary. That's what I've been reminding myself of in the past few months and especially weeks. Bigger and smaller projects related to school and work have really sucked my energy, and although the lighter and warmer days have been nice, they've been more like changing a wet shirt to a dry one when it's raining. It just gets wet again. Waking up and thinking, what if I'm just not good enough? What if I just can't get this done?

As far as I know, many people suffer from the spring getting really busy. Sometimes it feels manageable but sometimes it just gets out of hand. And in these moments, I tend to start questioning myself a lot. Feeling overwhelmed by all the things I could be better at. But criticising myself  is never a very good prerequisite for getting things done. It's good to be critical about oneself and what one is doing, but when you know you just need to get things done, there are better strategies.

I've noticed that the first one, is to get some distance on what I'm doing. Understanding that I am not what I do. Sure in some parts, but still it's just a selected reflection, me "extracting" the things I think I need to select and work on. And there are always time restraints, meaning it probably can't always be done perfectly, and actually, does it really matter that much? Which leads me to the importance of priorities! Easy to say but not always so easy to do. It's like a skill that simply needs to be practised. And the benefits are immense when it comes to ones mental health and wellbeing.

In prioritising, I've worked on finding my best ways to relax and recover to include in my schedule, since working for days and too many nights and week-ends really need efficient quick fixes to just make it through. And I've notice that while for me, eating mudcake and whipped cream feels like the best way to relax and recover, it's just not. After eating horribly, I just noticed I slept bad and had really low energy levels. Almost nonexistent. My body didn't feel good, which led to my mind feeling even worse. And I wasn't the only one at home feeling the symptoms...

So the first thing we did was to stop eating sugary stuff for a week. Switching mudcake for some banana and peanut butter or dried plums was quite fun. And now we strive for having something sweet only once a week max. Which didn't feel like the best thing when stressed, but it turned out to be so. Who knew taking an hour before bed to just watch an episode of some chill tv-series would work just as well if not better. So the key finding (or reminder) here was for me that using food as a way to feel better never really works long-term, and using other means of relaxation is usually the healthiest alternative. I.e. watching tv, going for a walk, reading a book, chatting over a cup of tea or whatever works.

Another important thing for me has been to go to judo-training no matter if I feel so or not. Doing really sweaty exercise works like magic for the mind. And when it as a plus usually ends up being really fun, there are even additional benefits. For me, I've noticed four huge benefits: for 2 hours, I completely forget about school and work, I fall asleep more easily, I have less sugary cravings and I wake up with more energy.

And now, with yet again another weird transition - for the recipe. This actually started with me helping my mom with some computer stuff and she thanking me with a few kg of nuts! Which resulted in trying out another rawcake. Which is a great alternative for those weekends when you don't feel like having anything too sweet but still want to finish that Saturday dinner with something extra special. The following cake is made according to a very simple and surprisingly good chocolate rawcake recipe I found from here.

  1. put 150g of cashews in a boal of water to soak for about 4 hours. (if overnight - soak in fridge)
  2. prepare the bottom by adding 150g of almonds (or like me with a mixture of nuts) and 3dl of raisins and some salt into a blender. Mix until it all becomes a bit sticky. Ad into a cake pan (diameter about 20cm) and put into the freezer.
  3. break 200g of dark (sugarfree/raw/organic/vegan/whatever you want) chocolate into a bowl and melt in the microwave
  4. prepare the filling by combining the soaked cashews, 2 middle-sized bananas, 1dl of coconut cream in the the blender, when blended, add the chocolate and blend until combined. Add on the frozen bottom and put into the freezer again.
  5. Leave in the freezer for an hour and then it's ready to be served. If longer in the freezer, take the cake out before serving so melts a bit. Decorate with berries and coconut flakes.