Ideas for a fast lunch

When starting working full-time, I haven't had access to the handy and cheap student-lunch during the days. I haven't either felt like putting much time into cooking. I've instead noticed that a quick lunch, doesn't have to mean a meal from the food store. After having dinner, I usually have had some extra cooked sweet potato or couscous, which is easy to add into my next lunch. I really like canned corned or peas, so I usually have those in there as well. If i've had some frozen vegetables, I've just fried them, or maybe cut up an onion, garlic and some mushrooms and fried them. Maybe with some tofu. And then cut up some cucumber and tomato, and added it in there. Trying to combine a nutritious varied meal in a quick way. What I recommend to make this happen easily, is to regularly buy the foods you like and have them at home, ready when you need them. Dried, frozen and canned foods are the best for when you want to have something really quick.