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People say, you should be able to take life with more humour, and just stress less. But when you're 22, and you constantly see how much you have yet to improve, it's just not that easy. Corny quotes help when you need a little positivity, but you can't always rely on a quote to feel better. Primarily regular self-reflection is a must, in order to find out what really works when relieving stress (and many other things as well). But what, beyond the basics - exercising, sleeping, eating right and meeting friends, is good for a less stressful daily life? For me one thing, I just noticed one thing that makes me unwind, when doing it. Transferring new pictures from my camera to my computer, going through them, and making adjustments with light and color. The ahaa moment happened when I saw this picture, and just felt so at peace.

It's from Alppiruusupuisto in Haaga (Helsinki) close to where I live. We went there with Tuuli last Saturday.

Another thing that usually relaxes me is cooking. I say usually, because if I'm in a hurry, or really hungry, I don't enjoy it. But for those moments, I can prepare something simple. And having this option - not feeling like a slave to my body makes me feel good. And if you need an idea for what to cook if you don't feel like making something really big, is a simple recipe for a lentil stew, that Sanna recommended: onion, lentils & crushed tomatoes. Add the amounts you feel like. And in addition to this I added some garlic, salt and pepper. And ate it with bread and oat fraiche.


  1. Oh, so nice that you tried the lentil soup! It's a good cheap choice for sure! :)


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