very cognitively disabled

What if we all living thinking creatures are just a bit, or very cognitively disabled. Because if we wouldn't be, we couldn't exist in this world filled with the endless options on where to go in life and the endless suffering and problems to solve. What if we just have to be selective in what to understand and integrate to ourselves. What if nobody is actually weird or disabled, but everybody just selects different routes to take, different people to connect with, that lead to different effects.

We're humans. We're developed in this absurd world, and we're imperfect because there is no such thing as perfect. It's all about trade-offs, about difficult decisions to make and accepting that there will always be one or many new challenges looming behind the bushes. Hopefully one has enough resources to deal with these problems and not give way to the endless darkness that lies behind the alternative of not. Of not finding what's needed to move on. Because it's not only affecting ourselves, deteriorating the functional enough irrationality we call our own reality, it's also affecting the somehow intersecting realities of other humans.

It's always better to move on. To accept that we can never be perfect, but still push through what we experience as life, trying to take more of what gives us meaning so that we can give more of what we know does good. Because there's enough of the endless darkness spread by others, of which we can't change.